425343Marea By Missoni

Marea By Missoni, Casares

From 909.000€
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Ref: Marea By Missoni

Marea By Missoni, Casares

From 909.000€

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Marea By Missoni, Casares  From 909.000€

Nestled within the prestigious grounds of the illustrious Finca Cortesin, a luxurious 5-star golf resort, emerges a new masterpiece that redefines opulence and sophistication: Marea. This exclusive project, enriched by the iconic Missoni touch, represents a pinnacle of modern living, seamlessly marrying contemporary aesthetics with the allure of Mediterranean beauty. Here, we invite you to explore this remarkable fusion of cutting-edge design, breathtaking sea views, and the impeccable charm of the Costa del Sol.

Marea by Missoni  introduces a design philosophy that embodies the spirit of Contemporary Mediterranean Style, celebrating the elegance of simplicity and the allure of minimalist lines. Within this luxurious enclave, the fusion of modern architectural elements with the richness of natural materials cultivates an atmosphere of warmth and comfort, all bathed in the soft embrace of natural light.
The allure of Marea by Missoni  is heightened by its strategic position, offering an uninterrupted visual symphony of the entire Costa del Sol coastline. From the splendid Marbella coastline stretching to the iconic silhouette of Gibraltar, and even glimpses of Morocco's majestic mountains, Marea presents a 270-degree panoramic canvas that captures the essence of three distinct worlds.

Marea  presents a unique proposition: a harmonious convergence of Spain, the Mediterranean Sea, and Africa. This unparalleled vantage point affords a captivating tapestry that blends the cosmopolitan charm of Marbella, the turquoise Mediterranean waters, the legendary Rock of Gibraltar, and the ethereal mountain ranges of Morocco into a single, enchanting vista.
Within the haven of Finca Cortesin, Marea stands as a testament to modern luxury, offering residents an array of upscale amenities and exquisite surroundings. The meticulously landscaped communal gardens provide an idyllic backdrop, complemented by dedicated areas for children's enjoyment, a serene swimming pool, and an engaging splash area. Those with active lifestyles are met with a cutting-edge gym and a tennis court, offering both relaxation and recreation.

Marea by Missoni's heart pulsates with connectivity and creativity. The pool deck offers a majestic retreat for relaxation, the indoor and outdoor kids' zones inspire playfulness, and the contemporary fitness center encourages well-being. This nurturing environment fosters an ideal setting for both unwinding and rejuvenating, resonating with every family member.

Adding a harmonious layer of luxury to Marea, Missoni interiors redefine opulence. Within this exclusive realm, Missoni's signature touch brings a holistic approach to well-being, seamlessly blending a state-of-the-art fitness center with sweeping coastal views. Each corner of Marea boasts the Missoni essence, fostering health, comfort, and beauty amidst the unmatched coastal backdrop.

In conclusion, Marea by Missoni  emerges as an embodiment of refined living and artistic expression at Finca Cortesin. With Missoni's transformative influence, this project celebrates the confluence of modernity and Mediterranean allure, elevating the Costa del Sol's charm to new heights. Whether it's the captivating seascape, upscale amenities, or the soothing embrace of Missoni interiors, Marea stands as an irreplaceable treasure along the sun-kissed shores of the Costa del Sol.

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